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Dating an old Oscar Schmidt
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Author:  paulrace [ Mon Aug 13, 2018 7:15 am ]
Post subject:  Dating an old Oscar Schmidt

A reader writes:

I have been a luthier for 58 years, and occasionally get an autoharp to repair. The one that I have now has been brought to me by an old (older than me) gentleman, and it belonged to his deceased wife. It has tremendous sentimental value to him, his children,and grand-children. I was curious as to the date of manufacture so that I may pass it along. He only remembers buying it "a long, long time ago" but doesn't remember when. The serial # stamped on the back is "6386". Any light you may shed or any info is much appreciated. Thanks so much


Thanks for getting in touch. I have searched in vain (as you probably have) for a serial number database.

If you will send me photos of the harp, I can give you an approximate age. If there is a label under the hole and you can get a clear photo of that, it will help, too.

Some harps, like the Model 73 were made over a seventy-year period. Some were only made for a few years.

Have a great day,

- Paul

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